You Have 8 Bricks

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You Have 8 Bricks

Hey guys! Welcome you to You Have 8 Bricks – an adventure and skill game! It's related to special adventures of gold bricks to escape from a dungeon. Come on! Click the Play to enjoy each of these trips one by one now!

Each player is asked to guide 8 bricks out of the dungeon safely. It's a big challenge, right? In this dangerous zone, most things are chasing each of the bricks and tend to break them. Let's maneuver them in a skillful way so that they smoothly move on platforms, jump as higher as possible, and especially are not sunk by the flow of lava at the bottom. Further, rays of light that become stronger at any time may destroy the brick very quickly. Be careful! Keep the bricks' movement smooth until they reach the destination.

Get ready to seize the chance to try You Have 8 Bricks? There will be much amusing time for you. Go now!

Date Added: 2015-03-24

Category: Skills Games

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