Which Smurf Are You?



This game is played with Mouse.

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Which Smurf Are You?

The Smurfs are a group of small blue fictional creatures. Smurfs’ names are based on their characteristics, especially adjectives that express their personality such as Clumsy Smurf, Lazy Smurf or Greedy Smurf. Besides basing on their characteristics, their names come from their careers like Poet, Doctor or Miner Smurf. Have you ever wondered which Smurf are you? Are you a Dreamy Smurf, Brainy Smurf or a Grouchy Smurf? In Which Smurf Are You, you take an accurate test to see which Smurf you look like. You only need to click the options which express your characteristics. It’s such a fun game.

Date Added: 2013-03-20

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