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We’re not Gonna Take it Game

Is your dream to become a singer? Or you want to set up a band and perform to the world! Welcome to “We’re not gonna take it” game!
Toad, Mario and Luigi have lived a small house when they were child. Because they often play together, they have a lot of same hobbies. One of their hobbies is music. So they registered a course of music. They want to establish a band and sing to the world after the course. And their dream comes true when Music Idol Program on television invite them sing a song. Toad, Mario and Luigi are happy. They choose the tunes of Twisted Sister’s – we’re not gonna take it for their show. Their opportunity came! And you? Joining this game and enjoy with Toad, Mario, and Luigi! You will have a great time after hard work.

Date Added: 2012-11-15

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