Ultimate Flash Sonic



Use spacebar key to jump
Use arrow key to move
Use enter key to pause
Hold down, space then release down to spindash

Game Details

Ultimate Flash Sonic

Welcome to Ultimate Flash Sonic – an action game!
You feel pleased with your ability when using your mouse and playing this game. There are 4 characters: Sonic, Tail, Knuckle and Cream for your choice. They are heroes and receive an important task. A beautiful princess is being imprisoned on a dark house by a big monster. The king is anxious and entrusts princess’s rescue for them. There are a number of obstacles on their road. Let’s play the game and help them. Choose one of them and start the game. Your duty is easy. You must help him/her overcome many barriers when he/she is coming to rescue princess. They will never forget your favour if they overcome all of obstacles successfully and carry princess securely.

Date Added: 2012-11-15

Category: Skills Games

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