Tribe Boy Vs Monsters



Player 1 use your WASD keys: A key to move left. D key to move right. AA or DD keys to rush. J key to attack. K key to jump. KK keys to dual jump. YY keys to next stage. SPACE key to emerge with pokemon. Player 2 use arrow keys and number keys: left arrow to move left. right arrow to move right. double left arrow key or double right arrow key to rush. Number 1 to attack. Number 2 to jump. Number 22 to dual jump. Up arrow to next stage. Number 0 to emerge with pokemon.

Game Details

Tribe Boy Vs Monsters

This game is an another action game. In Tribe Boy Vs Monsters, your mission is to fight all type monsters to up level. Try to kill more and more monsters to get coin, upgrade your weapons, skills, pet, buy items and etc. This game support up to 2 players.

Date Added: 2012-10-02

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