The Last Door Chapter 4




The mouse is to control the game.

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The Last Door Chapter 4

Welcome to the latest version – The Last Door Chapter 4! If you are looking forward to this bone-chilling episode of the Last Door, hurry up to explore it and see how it changes via many versions. Actually, the newest one is always cooler than ever. Many innovations and great features are waiting for you. Go and enjoy them, my guys. This time, players will role-play a spy who is performing dangerous and deadly missions. Right now, the leader guides them towards the enemies’ base to help him to find secret documents. Before getting the target, the players have to overcome hordes of challenges like discovering their surroundings and resolving puzzles as they keep their search for answers. After that, they are allowed to go to another location and reach the documents. Avail your wisdom to find what you want soon, guys!

Date Added: 2015-01-21

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