Tammy Jo Superstar




Use the left mouse to play Tammy Jo Superstar.

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Tammy Jo Superstar

Tammy Jo Superstar is known as a skill and puzzle game which absorbs your attention and challenges your brain. Then, don't look down on this game's idea, all players. Take time to savor it right away!

Stephen has a motel, and it's considered as his blood. Many years ago, it was rewarded with the position of a leading business in his town. Nevertheless, because of some his neglect changed everything. Now, it's known as a shady motel. To retrieve the lost reputation, he makes a decision to choose Neel, who is the world's worst singers for the motel's night club. Tammy Jo – a talented singer knows that this is his wrong decision, so she is planning to conquer the stage and rescue the Stephen's motel. Let's help her solve puzzles during the game by interacting with everything inside the motel until she can enter the stage. Here is the most important duty of players.

Play Tammy Jo Superstar and start from the first puzzle, all players! Let's go!

Date Added: 2015-03-26

Category: Skills Games

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