Swap It Et 3




Use the left mouse to play Swap It Et 3.

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Swap It Et 3

It's surprised that gears in some machines may also bring inspirations for designers to create stimulating games; Swap It Et 3 is a typical example. What are you waiting for? Tap Ready to explore it right away!

This addicting jigsaw puzzle-type game lasts in tough levels, as you see. Of course, each one is involved in interacting with gears. Begin solving the first challenge right now! Its purpose is to swap puzzle pieces in a suitable way so that the picture with the complete gearwheel system is formed successfully. It's better to finish the quest within a few exchanges for more points. If wanting to see the pictures in advance, let's tap the Gallery option at the first view. All challenges here will enhance your brain. Taste each of them one by one.

Keep your scruple aside and enter Swap It Et 3 now! Surely, you will be seduced to all puzzles here.

Date Added: 2015-05-12

Category: Physics

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