Super Bomb Bugs



One player
Use the arrow keys or the WSDA keys for movement.
Use the spacebar to lob bomb.
Use the M key to drop bomb.
Player 1
Use the AWSD keys for movement.
Use the C key to lob bombs.
Use the V key to drop bombs.
Players 2
Use the arrow keys for movement.
Use the “,” to lob bombs.
Use the “.” to drop bombs.

Game Details

Super Bomb Bugs

Welcome all players to Super Bomb Bugs! Don’t ignore this game since it truly brings the players so much funny time. The players will role-play the protagonist to grab all diamonds in the game world. Don’t let the main character fall into strings at the bottom of the screen, deadly tools rolling on the platforms or other dangerous machines are what the players should do for gaining the victory. In order to do that, the gamers must control some keys on the keyboard cleverly and flexibly. Furthermore, placing or throwing bombs is considered as the perfect method to deal with some challenging obstacles in this game. That sounds interesting! Select the game difficulty and one of the 4 available worlds consisting of Industrial World, Dark World, Ice World and Future World for beginning, players!

Date Added: 2013-08-22

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