Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story




Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

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Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

Having ever heard about Snail Bob – the center character in the good game series which is his namesake, and even gone with him in lots of different adventures, you really want to discover more about him. Then, enter Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story and continue helping this character complete another challenging trip! Come on! The spectacular game describes a fantasy story revolving around the Snail Bob’s adventure to fight against a big dragon and find the expected destination. 30 levels are designed as 30 puzzles which players must solve to guide him to the destination. In each one, there is an exit. Let’s activate tools, buttons and eliminate dangerous critters to free the way for him to the exit. When encountering the dragon, take the sword to kill it. By the way, watch out for deadly traps, gaps, and holes when they may be very hazardous. Have fun!

Date Added: 2014-09-30

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