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Shark Lifting 2

Come on! Join with us in Shark Lifting 2 to see what's going on, guys! This magnificent game will definitely offer you amusing time with innovations because it's the sequel to Shark Lifting. Try it now!

After a few years of plunging in the pro wrestling circuit at BBWWF, a b wrestler called Masivv Von Sowledre had made a decision to have a change in his career. He thought that beach-life lifting had been a very personal hobby of many people in some decades. When it comes to the detailed description of the beach-life lifting, it's supposed to be a small arena at the beach where wrestlers will have to lift a big shark for the victory. That sounds interesting, right? Do you think that Sowledre can win this competition? With your support, everything will be easier. Just make constant hits to get the good result.

Ready? Prove that you are also a weighty wrestler in Shark Lifting 2, all players. Let's go!

Date Added: 2015-04-10

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