Royal Protectors




Play the game by availing the left mouse.

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Royal Protectors

The unsettling news is coming from the western border, and the countryside is managing to encounter a kind of enemies. It's known that the dead are flocking to this land from their graves while it must also surfer the Orcs ravage. Get hurried to play Royal Protectors, a tower defense game so as to regain the peace here now!

We can recognize Royal Protectors as a tower defense due to its gameplay and graphics. Then, its major target is to protect the countryside from the dead and other invaders by deploying warrior units in the battlefield. First, place the possible units in strategic plots so that the enemies will be exterminated after getting through the deployed areas. Coins will increase each time each of the enemies is totally killed. Use this income to upgrade the deployment, remember!

Perhaps, Royal Protectors will train you to become a brilliant commander. Then, taste it now!

Date Added: 2015-08-27

Category: Physics

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