Robo Trobo




The mouse is to control the robot.

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Robo Trobo

A group of great scientists has just succeeded in creating a powerful robot. Now, they are trying to make experiments complete the report. However, there is a problem that the robot has got out of the lab for a few minutes. It is your turn to bring it back to the lab, guys. Play Robo Trobo and start your task. This time, players have to strategize perfectly to guide robot to the right place. Look! The scientist department is full of devices and machines. While taking it back to the lab, please don’t let it fall into or hit any of them, or it will be trapped somewhere forever. Players can press red buttons to make bridges for it to pass over. Along the way, use elevators to overcome high or low areas. When the robot reaches the red arrow, the level is done well. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2014-08-30

Category: Physics

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