Ragdoll Sniper




Ragdoll Sniper is enjoyed by using the left mouse only.

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Ragdoll Sniper

To all people who wish to experience intense feelings, Ragdoll Sniper can be what they are looking for. This shooting-violence game is extremely challenging and requires the players’ courage to carry out difficult missions. It’s also an occasion for them to do good deeds. The essential aim in most of the missions is to control the rifle in order to kill bad guys (ragdolls) who are carrying out drug deals, causing criminal cases, feeling from the jail, and more. Get ready? Take up the first mission and complete it right away! There are also the other innocent ones next to the targets, so the players should be cautious to avoid shooting at them. Having wrong shots means that everything will stop instantly. Further, the last missions will be more complicated than we think. Let’s read the introductions more carefully. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-10-20

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