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The mouse is the main key to play this interesting game.

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Pocket Ninja

Want to be a great ninja and lead your nation to victory in a fierce war? Let’s set foot to Pocket Ninja right now! In there, the players will be the leader of a ninja group. What is your primary mission? Control your team well in order to conquer the enemies’ country. Can you do that? There we come! At first, start to customize your character. Then, enter the battlefield and prepare for the fight. Importantly, players need to compare 2 or more ninjas to create another powerful unit. That powerful unit will help you to defeat the rivals in each battle quickly and skillfully. The more battles you overcome, the greater ninjas you will unlock. Try to upgrade your current troops to deal with 3 dangerous bosses in the final stages. Keep playing to get over 30 challenging levels in Pocket Ninja. Wish you succeed!

Date Added: 2015-02-24

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