Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack




Use the arrow keys to move, jump, and slide.
Press spacebar to attack.

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Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack

Hey, guys! We're back with great news! Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack, the newest version of the Papa Louie series, has been released. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Accessing the main screen, the players will role-play Captain Cori in order to rescue all the customers kidnapped to the Sundae Land. You need to use your skill and capacity to help your clients. Whenever jumping into that land, please guide the character to move, duck, dive in the water, climb up, jump over and slide under the obstacles, and attack the enemies. Bear in mind that you'll lose 1 live when colliding with any of obstructions. Along the way, remember to collect all the scattered coins as well as other power-ups. Try to accomplish each stage perfectly to unlock a customer. Got it?

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Date Added: 2015-03-22

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