Pain Tiger



Use the left, right, and up arrow keys or the A, W, D keys to move the tiger.

Game Details

Pain Tiger

When becoming players of Pain Tiger, you must try to cause injuries for the tiger as much as possible to get winning. The pain meter appearing right at the top of the game’s screen will rise if the tiger doesn’t touch any dangers. Once this meter is full, the players will fail the game immediately. In other words, the game requires the players to hurt the tiger by letting it go through beehives, thorns, fire, blades, explosives, and other dangers until the tiger reaches the exit as the final destination of each level. Don’t try to pick up food because it can make the pain meter go up more quickly. The game will challenge the players to 12 levels, and winning the first level is the necessary thing to get the access to other levels. Come on, players!

Date Added: 2013-08-21

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