Arrow keys are used to enjoy the game.

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Skipping Mourn will be a pity because it's considered as a very exciting puzzle and skill game mixed with the platformer element. It's worth experiencing each challenging level here. Playing it, you also attain an opportunity to taste the exploration of a mysterious mine. Go now!

The adventurer of the game is traveling in each room of this mine to discover the only door which helps ascend the surface. Help him get through this exit and collect precious items along the way. Difficulties and challenges are waiting for him; for instance, many rooms are full of pits and traps trying to swallow or kill him. Additionally, pickaxes are extremely important to unlock the door, so the players must manage to grapple them regardless of where they are being hung. It's better to shift between versions of himself to jump up.

Are you ready to start Mourn? Here is really a wonderful journey. Let's go!

Date Added: 2015-07-16

Category: Physics

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