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Play the game by the mouse.

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Mooo Twooo

Guys, are you looking for a very funny physics-based puzzle game? Let’s enjoy Mooo Twooo to see how fantastic it is. This time, players will guide their cow to a milk bottle. However, the way to the target is not easy. The cow is on platforms or wooden blocks. The main task of the players is to click on yellow haystacks to remove them. Then, get the cow to the bottle of a man-made elementy – Mutatium. Try to gather the Mutatium bottle in each of the levels by removing the haystacks and injecting the cow with Mutatium. This will turn it into a floating pig. After that, the second injection of Mutatium will transform the pig into a sheep. The sheep will cling on things and inject it again to turn it back to the cow. Wow! It is interesting! Come on and explore its fun in all 20 levels, guys!

Date Added: 2014-06-12

Category: Physics

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