The game is experienced by using the left mouse.

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You are getting worried about your kids and how to enhance their intelligence, right? Playing games can be a good way, but not all games are suitable for them. Among numerous types of game on the Internet with different advantages and disadvantages, the physics-based puzzle ones will be definitely the best choices for your kids. Moonlights is one of them. The game contains lots of levels challenging to the players’ cleverness, and the objective of each one is to wisely connect orbs to make a strong structure whereby the moon is activated. Remember that the structure must be stable enough! If not, it will be rapidly destroyed. The higher levels the players ascend, the more difficulties they meet, but the more exciting features they also get. Enjoy this great game, and hope you master all of the levels here! Have fun!

Date Added: 2014-06-04

Category: Physics

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