Monsters In Bunnyland




The space bar is to possess.
The arrow keys are to move.
Press Z + the Right arrow key to move blocks.

Game Details

Monsters In Bunnyland

Guys, peaceful monsters are getting stuck in a bunnyland. Now, they are finding a way to escape from this strange and dangerous world as soon as possible. Now, they are trying to find the exit. Come on and give them a hand to get out of there, guys. Let’s play a very wonderful puzzle game – Monsters In Bunnyland to start your support. The main task is to guide a duo of the monsters through all of the obstacles and challenges to reach the destination early. This duo of the monsters is able to possess another one. It is time to switch these 2 monsters and control as you resolve puzzles to guide them to the exit in each level. The large monster is able to move movable blocks, but his cannot reach some certain areas. On the other hand, the small monster can get over tight spaces and move the purple blocks. Hope you take their strengths to help them go home soon. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2014-05-31

Category: Physics

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