Monsterland 2 Junior Revenge




The mouse is to destroy blocks.

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Monsterland 2 Junior Revenge

Guys, welcome to the latest version – Monsterland 2 Junior Revenge! Want to visit the beautiful monsterland once again? Come on and take the chance to enjoy its wonderful landscapes. While visiting the monsterland, players have to help Senior wake up a very lazy monster – Junior. The sun rises highly, but Senior’s grandfather has yet to get up. Thus, Senior wants to wake him up to play with him. Let’s play this puzzle game and assist Senior, guys. As first, players have to destroy relevant monster shapes except the red one. Look! Senior is above his grandfather. Hurry up to break the other colored monsters to help him reach his grandfather. The players cannot remove the frozen shapes. Remember that you have a chance to earn 3 stars in each level. With each of the unnecessary clicks, you will lose a star. Hope you have fun, guys!

Date Added: 2014-05-28

Category: Physics

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