The game is experienced by using the left mouse.

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In a far jungle, there is a Meebling community living happily, consisting of Hereling, Thereling, Gravling, Sizzling, Treebling, Zapling and Feebling. Each of them is considered as an egg-shaped creature owning special abilities. For instance, Hereling can call other meeblings while Thereling pushes away the nearby ones, Gravling reverses gravity, Sizzling burns holes in the ground, etc. Today, you will join in a funny game called Meeblings with them; this game is about taking control members of the Meebling community as well as activating some of them so that all of them are led to the safe position. 50 physics-based levels are the whole challenges which players must overcome for attaining a win, and each one contains one or more Way Out signs. Remember that the safe position is in such signs. Enjoy the game and hope you have joyfulness here!

Date Added: 2014-05-24

Category: Physics

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