Mechanical Puzzles




The mouse is to play the game.

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Mechanical Puzzles

Welcome to the most wonderful physics-based game – Mechanical Puzzles! If you are looking for the greatest puzzle games to prove your intelligence, come on and take the chance to explore this game. There are many challenges and excitement for you to enjoy. Please, don’t miss it. In the game, players have to beat 30 difficult levels to get a win. In each level, they are given various missions. They must position on the stage to complete the required tasks. At first, the players have to find the way to make a blue ball fly up, use a board to bring the billiard ball into a wooden box, and many of the other great tasks. Let’s go and enjoy them, guys. The faster the players finish the task as well as the fewer attempts they take, the better their score will ultimately be. Ok! Go and become a mechanical expert by completing all the 30 levels, guys!

Date Added: 2014-05-19

Category: Physics

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