Mardek Rpg 3




The X key is to interact.
The arrow keys are to move.

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Mardek Rpg 3

Mardek Rpg 3 is widely referred to as the new launch of Mardek Rpg, so it's suggested that you should browse through the previous chapters to understand what's going on. It's fascinating! This new update is featured as the special release with tremendous innovations. Don't miss it!

In this next chapter of a story-based RPG series, players will experience a cool adventure in an ancient temple with the main hero. He is on the way to explore mysteries of this zone. Help him get through all rooms here. Look through everything for some clues related to these mysteries. Along the way, he must deal with 2 tasks. First, pick up valuable items to earn points and uncover the mysteries. Second, beat up all monsters if meeting them.

It's sure that Mardek Rpg 3 will keep you amused since it contains the above interesting story. Play it right away!

Date Added: 2015-04-08

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