Mad Day




Arrow keys are used to move.
Click the mouse to shoot.

Game Details

Mad Day

To individuals who have ever relished Earn To Die, which is supposed to be a driving/distance game, Mad Day is considered as its derivative version they should devote time to experiencing. Don't mind putting yourself into such a cool game. Have fun!

Although the good game is similar to Earn To Die, instead of zombies, each player will cope with aliens by driving a vehicle on the tough and sloping track. As usual, this driving along with covering a specific distance will bring back players a considerable amount of money. Besides, let's collect gold coins and fire at aliens moving on the track since these activities may add loots to the budget. Don't forget to equip the vehicle with new guns, wheels, launchers, armor and other equipment items if possible.

It's amazing to enjoy Mad Day – an impressive distance game related to collecting coins, crushing down aliens, and upgrading. Don't hesitate anymore! Start now!

Date Added: 2015-05-19

Category: Physics

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