Light The Lamps




The mouse is to connect all parts.

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Light The Lamps

Let’s go and enjoy a very wonderful and interesting game – Light The Lamps right now. This game is so funny and helps you relax at all times. Ok, play it and see how awesome it is. In the game, players will have to know a little bit of physics. They will avail what they understood or learned at school to beat all levels. Their main task is to connect electrons each other, but they are not allowed to combine the same electrons into a pair. Ok, it is time to match all parts and complete the level soon. Do you see the blue electron is +, and the red one is -? Let’s connect both of them to create the connection. When all combinations are completed, the level is finished. The more you level up, the more complicated situations appear, so be smart to make the connection happen. At that time, the lamp will be lighted. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2015-01-09

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