Knight Vs Giant



Control the first character.
Use the WSAD keys for movement.
Use the left, right and down arrow keys to attack, dash and use special attacks.
Control another character.
Use the arrow keys for movement.
Use the A, D, S keys to attack, dash and use special attacks.
Press the number one and number two key to use meat and potion.

Game Details

Knight Vs Giant

A peaceful village has been under occupation of frightening monsters and a terrible giant. Nobody can afford to beat all of them to recover the happy life for the people in this village. Become a brave knight in Knight Vs Giant to help poor villagers now, players! In this game, the players should follow the game instructions step by step for attacking all monsters and obtaining gold. After that, using the gold for upgrading armor, skills and weapons will help the players kill the giant more easily. Moreover, the good way to battle against these evil creatures is that the players must control the knight cleverly by using some keys on the keyboard flexibly. Let’s start the game now!

Date Added: 2013-08-22

Category: Adventure Games

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