Invert Selection




The mouse is to light the tiles up.

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Invert Selection

Welcome to the most wonderful puzzle game – Invert Selection. If you have never enjoyed this cool game, come on and discover it now. There are many glamorous things for you to enjoy, guys. In the game, players have to create various designs according to their great ideas by inverting colorful tiles. It will be very funny. Look! Many small tiles are on the playing field. The objective is to highlight areas and light them up. If any tiles are unnecessary, players can dim groups of those tiles. Now, it is time to select the marked area. Then, use different actions to modify selection. To choose all of the tiles and make them bright, the players are able to drag the mouse everywhere on the board. Once all of the tiles light up, you will win a level. Have fun, guys!

Date Added: 2014-09-24

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