Use the arrow keys for movement.
Use the spacebar to start the game and change flying directions of the protagonist.

Game Details


In this game, moving the protagonist to color all blocks is what the gamers will do for completing each of the levels one by one. Remember that this character is not allowed to touch blades because they are regarded as the dangerous traps; in other words, colliding with these traps is the cause of failing in the game. Therefore, viewing along with selecting positions where the character can stand on carefully is the most necessary point for avoiding the traps. Help the protagonist drop down blocks from the top of the game’s screen or fly up from the bottom of the game interface by pressing the spacebar. Once all blocks are colored successfully in the current level, the players will be leaded to the next one for continuing more challenges of the game. Begin the game now, players!

Date Added: 2013-08-21

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