House Of Wolves




The game is played with the mouse.

Game Details

House Of Wolves

House Of Wolves will bring all of the gamers to an ancient land in the creator of Age Of War. Right now, you have to do lots of things in order to survive, expand your territory, and defeat dangerous enemies. How’s your feeling, guys? Be bold enough to accept this important mission? No time for waiting! There we come! Generally, players should follow a set of guidelines in order to complete the main task well. First of all, they need to guide an available unit to perform a couple of things i.e. repairing a Watch Tower, cutting some trees, building a hut, etc. Then start producing more and more units to implement the next challenging tasks. Use the mouse to pick up one or gather them to do. Look at some available buttons (at the bottom) and click on it to direct the units. It’s not hard, isn’t it? Read the guidelines carefully, complete all well and then take the final noble victory! Play to explore new and surprising things!

Date Added: 2014-11-29

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