The left mouse is used to aim and shoot.
Use the ASDW keys to move.

Game Details


Welcome all players to Hanoka – a skill game with the adventure element! It's wonderful to realize that you are given the role as an archer to use the sacred bow and carry out the duty of protecting a village under clutches of the Dark Lord. Get ready? Set out to do this mission now!

The Dark Lord is summoning many terrible monsters from the bottom of the sea to the village with the aim of scaring children, destroying the villagers' peaceful life, and possessing this place. Let's become the archer and struggle against these enemy waves for the village's independence and bliss. It's special that this hero can just make use of the bow and shoot arrows at every target while he is flying in the air. It means that the bow can't work if he is in the water. Be careful! There is a limited amount of energy for him!

With many new and exciting features, Hanoka will be gripping and fascinating. Explore it now!

Date Added: 2015-07-02

Category: Physics

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