Furry Fighter



Use the mouse to start the game and fight against opponents.

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Furry Fighter

Have you ever imaged that you are the best fighter in all arenas which you will take part in? Make your imagination come true by taking part in Furry Fighter. Becoming the cat fighter, the players will battle against 13 opponents and overcome 4 specific arenas for getting the victory. Select one of the suggested characters and a random round to start the fighting. Try to slap your opponents so much in order to earn many points. Later, use these points to buy upgrades such as leather helmet, leather collar, steel helmet, steel collar, golden helmet, golden collar, steel claws, snake boots, knuckles, moon boots, wolverine claws and gold boots. Furthermore, if the players have many scores, they can increase some necessary skills like health, power, regeneration, speed and dodge. Let’s start the game now, players! Good luck!

Date Added: 2013-08-21

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