Fire And Might




Mange Fire And Might by using the left mouse.

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Fire And Might

Fire And Might is about a beast, a giant dragon straying into the aliens' territory. He is managing to escape from here, but everything becomes terrible as bunches of aliens equipped with advanced weapons are attacking him. Don't hesitate anymore! Offer him your help to increase the likelihood of his survival, players!

Fortunately, the dragon has a special ability to breathe fireballs which will burn targets. Hence, the players' mission is to navigate him in different directions so that he can fly up, down, back and forwards in order to defeat the aliens while evading their frightening weapons. 20 levels are all areas of the aliens' territory, which he must overcome to survive. Don't miss gold bullets, health, guns, and other upgrades if wanting to strength him, players!

It's time to immerge into Fire And Might and take the role as the dragon's controller. Crush down your hesitancy to play now!

Date Added: 2015-04-14

Category: Skills Games

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