Fatal Fighters




The left mouse is used to play the game.

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Fatal Fighters

Hi everyone! Get bored with puzzle games themed the traditional structure? If yes, Fatal Fighters is a special innovation worthy to enjoy. Actually, it's a cool turned-based fighting game consisting of a puzzle-based combat system. Hit Ready for the initiation at once!

With the hallmark of a puzzle game, Fatal Fighters also requires each player to cleverly group at least 3 identical blocks to fortify his fighting abilities which are necessary for the combat with the enemy. In each turn, he must choose the suitable way to attack the target. The possible ways are offered after some certain groups. Keep in mind that the hateful enemy also has a specific amount of power for the fight. Be careful and give out the wise strategy to gain a win.

Fatal Fighters will knock your socks off even at the firs time of seeing it. What are you waiting for? Discover the exciting arena here!

Date Added: 2015-07-23

Category: Physics

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