Fancy Pants Adventure Remix




Press arrow keys to move/duck/open doors.
Tap S to jump.
Hit spacebar or use mouse to customize character.

Game Details

Fancy Pants Adventure Remix

Welcome to Fancy Pants Adventure Remix! It’s considered as an enhanced version of the classic one – Fancy Pants Adventure. With more amazing features, new levels, and fanciness, the players surely will have a lot of fun even for the first time trying. Oh, shall we begin to play it now? There we come! Players’ main mission is to control an agile man – who obsesses with all kinds of colorful fancy pants – to run all the way and overcome various obstacles. Guide him to collect all scattered things to increase his blood. He has 3 lives only, so try to conquer all kinds of dangerous threatens (spider, bear with a gun, etc.). Players can destroy them by jumping on their head. The more doors you open, the more fascinating features you’ll explore. Do your best to run as further as possible in all colorful pants. Have a great moment!

Date Added: 2015-01-28

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