Family Rush




The left mouse is the core tool to play the game.

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Family Rush

How terrible! There is a sad story in Family Rush. Somehow, lots of man-eating monsters are hanging around a poor village, and the worse thing is that they have just kidnapped a baby to eat. Oh no! No time to wait! His family is chasing those horrible critters to save him. Help them before it is too late, players!

First, maneuver the baby's father forwards and activate the gun whenever the monsters are front of him. In other words, use well this weapon to shoot at the enemies to death. It's noticeable that they can move on the ground or fly in the air. Exactly aim the weapon, remember! Directing him to the enemy bastion to save the baby is the most significant mission. Once players grab a requested number of achievements, other characters like the baby's mother and his grandparents will be unlocked. Continue the journey with controlling one of these new characters.

Enjoy Family Rush right away! Good luck!

Date Added: 2015-04-16

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