Epic Boss Fighter 2




The left mouse is used to manage Epic Boss Fighter 2.

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Epic Boss Fighter 2

The creator of Epic Boss Fighter will surprise you due to his new launch: Epic Boss Fighter 2. This latest episode has more epic bosses and more challenges, so everything here will blow you up. Come on! Become a fighter or a general and take part in the struggle against the scared enemy army, guys!

In another way to mention the game's concept, it's supposed to be the bullet hell shooter genre, so the player's chief duty is to get through all battlefields as a cool fighter. Avoid all bullets and grasp precious coins while confronting 20 massive monsters and bosses in each of the epic stages. Don't forget that equipping the home troop with accessories, fighting suits, droids, and others is extremely important because the foes are ber and ber.

Let's begin Epic Boss Fighter 2 and do all what a fighter must do when facing up to each massive challenge.

Date Added: 2015-05-15

Category: Physics

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