Elsa At Spa




Elsa At Spa is guided by using the left mouse.

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Elsa At Spa

Oh! Hi all girls! You have ever craved for managing a beauty care spa which is in the top of the world, right? The opportunity for this dream is in your hand! Snatch Elsa At Spa to start the work now! Of course, before becoming a manager of the beauty care spa, you must begin from the job of a concierge. Elsa – a young beautiful princess will be your first client. Tonight, she will have an appointment with the neighbor prince, so she wants everything to be perfect in front of his eyes. Firstly, let’s give her the best skincare by applying the best beauty products, and then do her makeover with suitable cosmetics. Later, gift her some advice on choosing an elegant outfit for the appointment. Hurry up! The good aspect will attract the prince at the first appointment. Are you confident to help the Elsa princess have a successful appointment? Click to enjoy Elsa At Spa and carry out the task now!

Date Added: 2014-11-13

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