Drag The Dot



Use the left mouse to move the dot.
The spacebar is for resetting the level.

Game Details

Drag The Dot

To players who love types of skill games, Drag The Dot can blow their mind by its surprising content though its graphics are really simple. Your curiosity about its gameplay is woken up, right? There is no time to wait for anything else! Spend a few minutes to enjoy and explore Drag The Dot right now! Let’s take a glance at the following guidance to know the basic rule of the game, players! Firstly, the main aim of the players in each level is to drag the dot from the starting point to the Finish box. The dot is not permitted to touch anything along the way. If making this mistake, the players will be forced to restart immediately. When the dot gets stuck in some gaps or caves, don’t forget to press the spacebar to reset the current level. Get ready? Come on?

Date Added: 2014-02-12

Category: Physics

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