Doodle Brigade




Carry out the job here by using the mouse.

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Doodle Brigade

Oh, no! The peaceful Doodle World is now interrupted by tons of the zombies and other monsters. Be nimble-footed to visit Doodle Brigade and help all the citizens there regain their land!

At this moment, the invaders have taken over most important areas, except the Doodle Castle. Quickly travel here to carry out an essential mission – defending the last place from the monsters' attacks. How? Don't mind drawing as many soldiers, mines, and barricades to stop the incoming waves of these nasty foes. Importantly, players need to obtain a large amount of ink. Kill more enemies to accumulate much ink, ok? While battling, remember to upgrade your units to strengthen their shooting capacity and energy. More advanced items (bombs, erasers, etc.) can be unlocked later!

You have only 3 lives to complete the objective in Doodle Brigade, so use them wisely. Good luck, guys!

Date Added: 2015-09-15

Category: Physics

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