Don't Let Go



Don't Let Go is experienced by using the left mouse totally.

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Don't Let Go

Welcome to Don't Let Go – another skill game for kids! Don’t let this awesome game slip out of your hand since it will offer you numerous surprising and funny things, all players! The rule of the game is fairly simple as the players just click and hold the left mouse on the suggested button on the screen, but the most significant thing is that the cursor is not allowed to get out of the button at any rate – if not, the game will be over instantly. A challenge is that the button will move around the screen without any rule, so it’s necessary that the players must have the good skill of controlling the mouse to keep the cursor properly for a long time. Finally, don’t forget to submit your high score to know your position in the leading table. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-02-12

Category: Physics

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