Use WASD/arrow keys to control Diggy.
Click the left mouse to dig.
Press E to use radar.

Game Details


After waiting for a long period, it’s the right moment for Diggy to pursue his dream – enter to the center of the Earth. Do you want to be his traveling companion? Be swift to land on Diggy and start the journey instantly! When setting foot to the playing field, the players must control a driller cleverly and skillfully in order to pick up as many priceless items and treasures as possible. There are plenty things that you can find underground, such as eggs, stones, bones, and other things. All stuffs you collect will be converted into coin to serve your needs. While carrying out the task, remember to use radar to know which position contains hidden treasures. Please pay attention to the bar on the left side; that’s the Energy bar. At the end of each day, players can use the coins to upgrade the drill, the energy, and the radar. Don’t forget to find Wandering Truffle to make Diggy’s dream come true. Have fun!

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