Decision 3




Movement: arrow keys.
Aim and shoot: the mouse.

Game Details

Decision 3

Decision 3 will challenge you a lot, all game lovers. A chance to face up to dozens of aggressive zombies, protect your Reservation Camp safely and lots of things to do, feel confident about yourself? Don’t think too much! Come with us to carry it out now! At this time, players will become a vital part in an army of Reservation Camp. They need to visit surrounding places to find important items and defeat the zombies. First of all, the players should follow instructions from the headquarters to know how to carry all steps out. Then land on the first place and try to accomplish exploration at Border area. Now, trail a yellow arrow to move forwards correctly and be alert to shoot down the zombies. Remember not to let anyone counter-attack or touch in order to avoid losing too much blood. Keep continuing and try to uncover surprising and special things from this game. Take action and wish you get more delights!

Date Added: 2014-12-31

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