Cruel Balls



Use the left mouse to play Cruel Balls.

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Cruel Balls

In a peaceful village, all people are living happily every day. One day, a wicked witch has sent dozens of evil boxes to turn the village into the ruin. Don’t let her reach this bad intention, all players! Engage in Cruel Balls to start the battle with these evil boxes right now! Here, the players must not get anxious about weapons for the fight because all of them have been provided before. Specifically, their main work is to adjust the trajectory and power of the available cannon in such a suitable way that the balls are shot at the evil boxes exactly. The game consists of 28 levels in total, and it’s noticeable that each one will have the limited number of the shooting balls for accomplishing it. Thus, don’t waste these weapons. Get ready to join in Cruel Balls to beat all of the levels for achieving the victory? Come on!

Date Added: 2014-02-13

Category: Physics

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