Crash Town 2




Crash Town 2 is played by using the left mouse.

Game Details

Crash Town 2

Welcome to Crash Town 2, the next update of Crash Town! If having already immersed yourself into the previous edition, you should not let Crash Town 2 fall out of your hands at any cost. This time, the main goal is still to prevent all crashes and traffic jams. In other words, players are requested to manage the traffic on the roads. The first activity is to suitably put traffic signs on the roads. Notice, some intersections will be dangerous, so it’s necessary to slow down one of the cars by placing a speed limit on its way. There are 45 levels challenging their traffic-controlling skill during the game, and there is a limited budget for setting some of the possible traffic signs in each one. Thus, be wise and clever to use this budget so that all of the cars can run smoothly on the roads. Come on!

Date Added: 2014-09-03

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