Conquer Antarctica



Use the left mouse to play Conquer Antarctica.

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Conquer Antarctica

Conquer Antarctica depicts a struggle between penguins for Antarctica. As you see, there are two teams of genuine soldiers there. Players are entrusted with the mission of commanding one of them in order to knock out the opposing one. It’s not too hard to do that because they only adjust the power and trajectory of an available bazooka, and then shoot at the enemies. One thing which the players must notice is that not all types of weapons are available. At the start, they are just offered the unlimited number of snow balls for the fight, and the other ones like rockets and grenades will be add to the Inventory after some considerable achievements. Don’t forget that the enemies are still trying to crush the home troops by firing their weapons constantly. Thus, let’s aim the gun at them quickly and exactly. Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-02-13

Category: Physics

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