Cluck O Nauts




All are played with the mouse.

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Cluck O Nauts

Cluck O Nauts is a new puzzle game, and it has attracted lots of game lovers all over the world. Are you inquisitive about it? Want to discover it right away? Don’t hesitate anymore! There we come! The biggest request is to guide a little creature to come back to his spaceship. Look at the main screen, guys! The critter is floating in the air freely. Now, take the mouse and use it as a vital tool to support him. Hold the mouse and aim at an accurate direction. Then release it to make the critter fly towards the spaceship successfully. Remember to observe everything carefully to do exactly. In addition, don’t miss collecting all of the eggs in the air to acquire enough 3 terrific stars. Thanks to these stars, the players are able to unlock surprising and terrific things. With more than 25 stages, time to prove your best capacity, guys! Have more fun!

Date Added: 2015-01-04

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