Clowns In The Face



Clowns In The Face is experienced by using the mouse.

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Clowns In The Face

It’s probably said that many people and especially children love humorous and colorful looks of clowns in a curiosity. Nevertheless, today we will find wicked clowns in Clowns In The Face. Everyone wants to get rid of them from the city. It’s surprised that tennis bats and balls are basic weapons in the fight against them. If you are confident about your tennis playing skills, let’s start right away! The game is formed from many stages, and each one will offer the players with the limited number of tennis balls to shoot at the clowns. Sometimes, the balls can not directly bang on the targets because there are plenty of obstacles. Thus, try to perform wise shots so that they can bounce off of the surface, walls and many other planks to reach the expected destination. Don’t mind trying the game right away, all players! Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-02-13

Category: Physics

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