City Wizard




The game is played with the mouse.

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City Wizard

Are you excited when owning a special ability in building everything? Certainly, yes, right? Don’t hesitate anymore! Move on to City Wizard and try relishing terrific things now! The main task here is to build a city on an available area. This area will be divided into some free spots. Firstly, players will start with sunflowers. Combine 3 ones next to each other in order to create a bush. Continue combining 3 bushes to form a tree. Linking the 3 trees together will generate a house. Keep continuing until accomplishing the city. Sounds simple, right? However, when performing, the players will face up to a zombie. Its appearance will create some difficulties when placing the items. Defeat it by putting the items around or use the lightning. Understand? In addition, this game also provides some wonderful supports. Enter it to discover as well as completing all the stages here! Be fun, guys!

Date Added: 2014-10-07

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